Monday, August 24, 2009

The Dream Thief -- Another Book Review

The Dream Thief by Shana Abe

First of all, let me say that I read this book on the plane back home from Colorado. Less than 3 hours.

Second, let me say that neither Nathan nor I realized this was a romance book. It was labeled as 'sci-fi' at our library... and I was pretty surprised to discover it was very romance-y, and kinda graphic. (I would not recommend it for kiddos - some descriptions were a little much.)


The drakon, the dragon-people, have sent a master thief to steal back the one thing that can be used to control them: the Draumr. This diamond can be used to control any drakon, and could be deadly if in the hands of the wrong person. So the Alpha and his wife send Zane to steal it from whomever has it, without telling him exactly what he is obtaining. Along the way, he discovers help from an unlikely source - Lia, the daughter of the very drakon who sent him to steal it. However, she is hiding many secrets...

My Review
This was an incredibly easy read, but I did enjoy it. I would recommend it if you are looking for an easy to read sci fi book, but not if you are looking for something to challenge you. The characters were well-developed, and very believable. The plot was interesting...and fairly suspenseful at times. The ending shocked me, too--I was expecting it to a certain point, and then there was a twist that I did not expect! It was a good twist, though-I liked it. :)

The mythology behind the story is fascinating. I'm partial to books about dragons, though. :)

I should say too, that Nathan never did read the book. He originally checked it out, planning on reading it, but he couldn't get into it. I didn't have anything else to read, so I didn't let myself put it down. (I am terrified of flying, so I needed something -anything- that would distract me until I could get a glass of wine on the flight. hehe) There were a few boring parts, but I don't think I would have set it aside even if I hadn't been on the flight.

I am the type of person who hates to not finish a book, though. Just FYI. :)

I am reading the next book in the series, also... curious on what happens. I don't think it's necessary; the ending of The Dream Thief was satisfactory. I'm just curious. :) And since I appeared to skip a book, I might go back and read that later...

Warning Note:
While it is not a smutty romance novel, it is a romance novel. I wouldn't recommend it to a middle school person.

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