Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

I made this for dessert, when we had dinner with Nate's parents yesterday. It turned out GREAT! Very sweet; I couldn't have much.

Definitely something we would make again! The only problem is that is makes a 9x13 pan, and when you only have one piece at a time.... it's going to take us FOREVER to get through that pan! :) (Any volunteers to come help?)

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

17 miniature ice cream sandwiches, divided
8 Ounce caramel ice cream topping
24 Ounce frozen whipped topping, thawed
1/4 Cup chocolate syrup
8 Ounce candy bar, chopped

Arrange 14 ice cream sandwiches in an ungreased 13x9x2 pan. Cut remaining sandwiches in half lengthwise; fill in the spaces in the dish. Spread with caramel and whipped topping.
Drizzle with chocolate syrup. Sprinkle with chopped candy bar. Cover and freeze for at least 45 minutes. Cut into squares.

Serves: 15-18
Serving Size: 1 bar
Prep Time: 20
Total Time: 65 m

There were some changes I made, and some I will make for the next time. I already made the changes in the recipe, though.

Also... if you couldn't tell, there was no chocolate syrup in the pictures. This is because I completely forgot about the chocolate syrup. Oops. Oh well, we'll do it next time!

(Sorry for the 'final' picture... obviously, we'd had some, and the carmel is still pretty soft.)

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