Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day.

Today is a day for us to mourn the soldiers we've lost, and give thanks for their sacrifice.
(Though for those who've lost someone, this is not something that can ever be forgotten.)

Today is a day for us to thank those soldiers who gave something of themselves for our country.
(Even though we should be doing this every day.)

Today is a day that we acknowledge the difference these amazing men and women have done for our country.
(While we may take it for granted on other days.)

So for Veteran's Day 2009, let's make a promise to ourselves: to always remember those who gave their lives for their country, to honor their families, to thank a veteran whenever you see one, and to be thankful for the wonderful country we live in.

Today is a day to remember, celebrate, cry, smile.... today is Veteran's Day.
(Have you hugged a hero today?)

While I can't hug each and everyone veteran... I can send you hugs through here. We love all of you, thank you for all you've done!

Extra hugs to Bill Lee (awesome dad-in-law), Jim Head (the best Grandpa in the world), and BJ Lee! (my super amazing brother-in-law!)

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